Our Cookie Policy

What are Cookies on a website, and what do Cookies do?

Cookies on a website are small snippets of information that nearly all websites store on your computer which make it easier for you to use their services, log into their services in future visits, customise their website for you in particular and more. Cookies are simply text files which store a minuscule amount of information on your computer. This means that cookies simply cannot contain spyware or viruses, although it is possible for Cookies on some more sinister websites to have more than just a harmless intent.

How do we at TP Fire & Security use your information?

Here at TP Fire, we use things called "analytical cookies" to allow us to track and record the traffic that comes to our site, and how that traffic behaves and what that traffic visits on our site whilst they are browsing. We track this using Google Analytics, and never track your behaviour on any site other than our own. We only ever use this information to improve the user experience of our site.

The information that we get from this is never personalised, and we cannot track that it was any single individual by name, address or by any other means. All statistical information and data that is reported within Google Analytics is completely anonymised.

Computers and browsers, mobile devices and any other web capable device does have the ability to disallow the use of Cookies when browsing. To find out more visit the "help" tab on your browser.

By continuing to use the TP Fire & Security site, you are agreeing that we can place cookies on your browsing device and that you consent to us using this information for the purposes mentioned above.

Should you wish to find out more, please contact us at info@tpfire.co.uk