Fire Risk Assessment

Is Your Business at Risk From Fire?

Our complete Fire Risk Assessment service examines all aspects of your existing fire safety procedures and equipment. Details such as maintenance schedules, staff training and testing certification are taken into account to ensure that your organisation or company has the appropriate measures in place to react to an emergency situation, and that all potential hazards are minimised.

Legal Requirements

As part of your company or organisation’s on-going commitment to fire safety, it is vital that you perform the correct risk assessments necessary to comply with mandatory regulations presented by the Fire Safety Order. Many insurance agencies also require similar assurances before issuing protection policies against fire damage.

Further Action - Protect your business

In addition to our risk assessment services, TP Fire & Security can supply your company or organisation with the necessary systems, training and support for adherence with any recommended measures generated via such reports.

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Our Risk Assessment Procedure:

In order to deliver a complete risk assessment service, we utilise the following procedure to examine your fire prevention strategy, together with any possible sources of danger within your business premises.

Initial Consultation

The first stage of any risk assessment is conducted at point of contact. You will speak to one of our fully qualified advisors, who will establish your current situation and ascertain the parameters of your current equipment. This facilitates the production of an initial quote for the assessment.

Full Site and Systems Evaluation

Fully qualified risk assessors from TP Fire audit your site to determine any potential areas of danger. This takes into account all existing systems, apparatus, any other agency or contractor employed as part of fire prevention protocols, verifying you have the appropriate staff training in place.

Rigorous and Thorough Testing

In addition to the inspection of procedures and systems, our assessor will also conduct a full investigation of the daily working practices and facilities in your site. All possible fire risks are evaluated such as heat generation, alongside a review of practical requirements like adherence to PAT and electrical testing.

Recommended Report

All the findings of the risk assessors are compiled into one report that details all necessary actions that need to be taken to meet compliance with the HSE. Failure to act upon the guidelines presented by the report could result in prosecution, should a company be found to be in breach of the risk assessment survey.

fire equipment and alarm installation

Need Installation?

Expertly installed fire protection equipment is the first step towards protecting your business from fire.

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fire protection and alarm maintenance services


Properly maintained fire protection equipment is key to securing your business or premises. Whatever the scale, our experts can ensure your equipment is always protecting you.

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fire training and fire warden training

Staff Fire Training

Having appropriately trained individuals on your company site is an essential facet of any fire protection strategy. We can ensure your staff are expertly trained.

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