Warden Call Systems

A full and complete service

To support fire prevention strategies in care homes and private residences, TP Fire & Security can offer a fully integrated Fire Safety System and supply, install and maintain warden alarm systems. With many years of experience dealing with NHS Trusts, hospitals, care groups, sheltered accommodation and care homes, we are able to offer the security and peace of mind of the maintenance and supply of these systems.

As part of our commitment to delivering fully integrated fire prevention and detection apparatus, we can implement warden alarm systems. These can work in tandem with your existing equipment, raising emergency alarms and enabling administrative personnel to respond quickly and effectively to any danger.

Technological Capabilities

A full range of technological alarm apparatus is available in accordance with the needs of the specific individuals served by the system. From pull-cord activation equipment through to personal button transponders, these ensure that an immediate response is always available to any emergency situation. 

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