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Is Your Fire Protection Equipment Properly Maintained?

Properly maintained fire protection equipment is the difference between a fire putting your business on hold, and everything carrying on as normal. 

From single company contracts through to large, multiple site agreements, we have the resources and facilities to ensure that all your fire detection and protection equipment is properly maintained to the required standard. We can do this by consistently deploying regular engineering visits, conducted by personnel familiar with both your system and your practices.

On-Going Relationships

At TP Fire & Security we have established long standing relationships with many of our clients, ranging from SMEs through to multi-site corporates.To ensure we offer the optimal levels of support and response we provide a dedicated engineering service, allowing our staff to effectively learn about the specific challenges and demands of your fire prevention strategy.

Reports and Recommendations

Our engineers are qualified to produce the certification required by any appropriate health and safety directive or legal obligations. Furthermore, where necessary they also generate instant reports and recommendation on vital steps to ensure that all fire safety equipment is up to date and working at the correct levels of efficiency.

Effective Management Systems

We understand that our engineering team is a vital asset to the business and have a continued commitment to properly utilising this resource across our client base. Our proprietary Vixensoft system facilitates the travel of personnel between sites without returning to our central depots, thus increasing our service capacity.
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We deliver an unrivaled level of care and support for the following:

Fire Detection

Fire Extinguishers


Emergency Lighting

Gas Suppression System


Need Installation?

Expertly installed fire protection equipment is the first step towards protecting your business from fire.

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Staff Fire Training

Having appropriately trained individuals on your company site is an essential facet of any fire protection strategy. We can ensure your staff are expertly trained.

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Fire Risk Assessments

Your business or premises could at serious risk from fire. Our comphrensive fire risk assessment service means our experts will detail all the risks and how you can protect your business.

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