Suppression Systems

Protect your company’s most valuable assets with fast-acting suppression system technology.

Whether you require inert, synthetic or a water misting system, we can provide a complete package from the initial project design stage and ensuring the right product for your suppression requirements is selected.

Our team of engineers are accredited to F-Gas Standards and Suppression System Certification to ensure the highest performance levels are maintained and you can trust us to work with high pressure systems and fluorinated gaseous systems as an Accredited Company.

 This instant fire protection system floods an enclosed area with high concentrations of inert gas to effectively suffocate any fire by depriving it of oxygen or by using a misting product to stifle the fire. An ideal system for any business reliant on large computer data warehousing or paper archiving.


Room Integrity Testing

The integrity of any enclosed room protected by a gas suppression system must be tested in accordance with ISO 14520 / BS EN15004. We utilise industry leading Retrotec equipment in our maintenance programs, allowing us to test both your suppression systems and the enclosed room’s integrity in one visit, minimising the amount of downtime required for this essential work.   

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